Friday, October 18, 2013

KBP's Holiday Mega Mini's are Just Around the Corner!

They're coming!! The most anticipated sessions of the year.  In fact, they are SO in demand that I added an extra day this year!  As a matter of fact *I* am so excited for them, I just couldn't wait any longer to get the word out and start counting down the days.  These Mini Sessions are going to be unlike any other KBP mini.

A few months back, I posted a status on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any sessions stylists (people who actually help you create a "set" for your sessions."  You've probably all seen them.... the lemonade stand booth for kids portraits in the Summer, the tea-party set-up in the woods, or even the less exciting, but just as cute picnic set-up.  Well, no one came through for me to style a session so my assistant, Chad, and I got to it ourselves.  Between the two of us, it turns out that we're pretty stylish!  So this year, instead of plain portraits against a backdrop, or in a studio, we styled our very own set for our Holiday Mega Minis (yes,this calls for the word "mega."  I am so, so, so excited about it, but at least for now, I'm going to keep my lips zipped.  Besides, we aren't completely finished yet-- finishing touches are still underway.  But what I CAN tell you is that it's going to be an awesome set up for just the kids or the whole family (and a pet too in some cases).

A couple things to keep in mind.  Sessions will be held on both November 2nd and November 16th-- both are afternoon time slots on the half hour.  The exact location has not yet been determined, but they WILL be held in the Peabody area.  There are a very limited amount of slots and once they're gone-- they're gone.  I will not be setting up this whole set just for one session any other time this season.  I have a feeling that these sessions are going to book fast, so if you want in, contact me ASAP!  I am offering different collections this year and if you take a slot, half of your collection price is due upfront to retain (non-refundable) your spot.  In the past, I have not required the deposit, but these are just so big and exciting, I can't risk any no-shows!

Here is the basic information about KBP's Mega Mini's

Contact me at to claim your spot!  And again, half of your collection price is due at the time of booking and I accept cash, check, Paypal, and credit cards!

Also, I want to showcase JUST a FEW of the Christmas Card designs from which clients will be able to choose in both C &;D collections (all cards will be designed and printed as 5x7s). 

This is going to be so much fun! So who's in?!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Okay, Time to Get Back on the (Blogging) Horse

It's been a while... and for no real good reason.  Here is the "status" that I posted on Facebook this afternoon:

I've made a couple of observations this afternoon. 1). I constantly (and have always constantly) compared myself to others. This is something I need to work on (TOTALLY need to work on) because we are all unique and comparison REALLY is NOT necessary. 2). I am going to start keeping up blogging again. I really let it go because of time constraints and with the business of life, I thought it was something that I could sort of eliminate and no one would miss it, but today I realized that *I* love blogs! Photographer blogs especially, but really all kinds of blogs. I could probably waste a day just reading blogs-- so why don't I keep up with mine? Doesn't make much sense. Today I wanted/needed to find out some information about another photographer with whom I may end up collaborating on a project. Their "about me" section on their website really told me nothing about THEM, just what kind of gear they use and their professional view/take on weddings... so I wandered over to their blog to see if I could find any clues about personality there and I found a few pictures in each post with one or two sentences about where the wedding took place... and maybe what the weather was like that day. I have to be honest, it frustrated me a little bit. If I am going to work with someone, I WANT to know a little about them. The same goes for all of you-- if you are thinking about working with me, I WANT you to know a little about me-- not just the gear that I use, but the fact that I'm quirky, hate to cook, and love to play board games. Bottom line is that if everyone doesn't have Facebook and wanted to get to know me, my blog should be there not only to showcase some of my work, but to also showcase some of my personality. Now, I hope you awesome people will keep me accountable for starting up/ keeping up my blog again! Sorry for the novel-- these things were just really at the forefront of my mind. Time to get back to answering emails and editing!
So, here I am trying to get back on the blogging horse.  I think it really is imperative for the most successful photographers to keep up with their blogging and although, yes, it is ONE MORE THING to do in the life of a photographer, I am now realizing just how important that one thing is.  I want my clients to know ME.  The more they know about me and my quirks, the more comfortable they will feel around me--- and isn't that one of my primary goals?
I've also grown a ton both as a photographer and as a human being since I ceased writing in this blog.  I think now, more than ever, I can write in a way that can give you true insight into both my professional work, and my personal life and personality.
I don't even know where to start? Since moving to Peabody from Woburn about a year and a half ago, I've not only made wonderful new friends and met awesome new clients, but I've also found some beautiful new spaces!  I now have a wonderfully long list of places that I love to shoot in the cities and towns around Peabody.  I'll leave it at this today, but check out some of my recent faves-- all in recently found gorgeous locations near my "new" home!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Need YOU! and Your Chance to Win a FREE MINI!

I am embarrassed that this post is the first post I have written in almost exactly a year.  I got to thinking that blogging was taking up a lot of my (valuable) work time and that people probably prefer to view my work, sneak previews, and overall updates on Facebook.  I am pretty sure I was wrong and my client numbers this year versus last year correlate with that theory.  So this is my vow to you, back to blogging!  I will TRY to do it on a regular basis (whatever that is, I'm not sure yet).

In the past year, while I've been working more than I ever have with this business, I spent some time getting to know some other photographers and how their business models all differ-- and also what seems a bit similar.  I plan to try out some new strategies and techniques that I've been seeing more of-- for instance some people use their Facebook business page almost as if it were there personal page-- posting personal updates, instead of just messages that relate only to photography.  For instance, my usual FB business post goes something like this:

"I had so much fun shooting K&K's wedding last weekend.  The weather was great and was able to catch some AWESOME images."

While now, I will take more time to update my KBP statuses, not just once a week (or once every two weeks), but many times a week with things that help me to interact with my "fans," with maybe messages like these:

"I had the best coffee from Dunkin' Donuts this morning.  Where do you prefer to get your coffee?"


"My four year old son is driving me bananas today.  Does anyone have any awesome inside crafts or activities might help me from going to hide under the bed?"

The latter two "status updates" might be updates that I post on my personal page.  I think that posting more personal messages might help people who "like" my page see me as a real person with emotions, feelings, problems, and blessings rather than just a distant (kind of cold) business owner.  


Here's your chance to be heard and perhaps win one of my upcoming beach mini sessions for FREE!

Leave me a comment either here or on facebook (I think Facebook is easier because you don't have to sign into google (let's face it-- you're already signed into FB!), but either will do.  In your comment, tell me your honest thoughts and opinions on this one of my new business theory.  Would it be fun to get to know me as a person-- some of my quirks, and maybe share with me in happy times, and not so happy times, sharing funny things that happen (or have happened) to me, asking for opinions on various topics, etc.  OR do you think it's best that I continue to stick to business as usual?  I guess what I am asking is it OK (or even fun) to bring a bit of my personal life and personality into my business?

I'm so interested in what you think that I will choose one of your comments RANDOMLY and NOT BASED ON WHAT THE COMMENT ITSELF SAYS by adding up the numbers and asking my husband to pick a number between one and fifty-two (or however many comments there are) and THAT is who will win the free session.

Now, let me share with you the details of the mini session event:

I will work with the winner to select a date/time out of the ones provided that works best for them, but understandably, I cannot move around already booked sessions.

FURTHER,  anyone who comments (either here on my blog) or on my Facebook post with this link in it will receive $25.00 off of their Beach Mini!  Everyone wins! 

Okay--- 1.....2.....3..... GO! And don't forget to be HONEST!!

LOL (lots of love),
Kara ;)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jenna & Matt: Married! Topsfield Commons Wedding; Kara Baker Photography

Jenna was referred to me by another wedding client of mine and I am SO glad she was.  She (and Matt) were true gems to work with.  I actually met them when I did their engagement session.  My son was in the hospital for his asthma (again) and I decided not to cancel the session and escape for a few hours.  Jenna and I instantly bonded over the fact that we both wore flats and ruined our flats in the mud of the farm that they chose for their E-session location. 

Honestly, most of that session was a blur to me.  Again, my 3 year old son was in the hospital, but I do remember how easy-going they were.  I was so glad I didn't cancel on them.  Jenna and I kept in touch via email right up until the big day about little things I would think of and little things that came up on her end.  We established a great relationship.  These are the best kinds of clients-- the ones that feel like friends when all is said and done.

I started the day at Jenna's parents house while my second shooter went ahead to the hotel where the guys were getting ready (and goofing off.. and apparently where the groom showed up quite late).  Jenna was so sweet and nervous.  I quickly snapped some detail shots and then she was into her dress and we were off to the church!

Jenna & Matt's wedding was beautiful.  They were married at St. Pius Church in Lynn, MA (which is a beautiful establishment with a wonderfully long aisle!) where Father Joe married them (he is hysterical by the way).  What I loved most about their ceremony is that both sets of parents walked each of their children down the aisle and each set of parents stood up next to their child as they said their vows.  As a mom, this touched me so deeply.  I would be so honored if my son asked me to stand up next to him at his wedding as he said his wedding vows. 

The formals went off without a hitch.  Jenna and Matt were hoping to join their guests for cocktail hour, but with the sun fading fast, I knew if we didn't get the photos done RIGHTNOW, we wouldn't have any light left for outdoor formals anytime later.  So we just snapped as quickly as we could.

 Their party-- er-- reception-- was lovely.  It was full of love and fun and celebration.  By the end of the night, everyone was up and dancing.  The two families have some serious dance moves!